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High Performance Direct Drive Rotation Stages - and Rotary Tables

Rotary stages and tables are used in precision alignment, test and manufacturing applications in industry and research. PI's rotation stages are designed for precision motion control applications such as synchrotron experiments, photonics alignment, medical engineering and semiconductor related test and manufacturing processes. A variety of drive systems is available, from worm gear to direct drive torque motors. The highest performance is achieved with air bearings. Piezo drives provide self-locking capabilities and very low profile.

Piezo motor driven rotatary stages such as the U-651 are self clamping, more compact and faster than most conventional positioners

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Rotation Stages - Direct Drive, Piezo Drive and Worm Gear Drive

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The Video shows a High Speed, High Precision Rotary Table with Air Bearings and Absolute Encoder

V-611 Direct-Drive Rotary Table with 3-Phase, High Performance Direct Motor

Direct-Drive Rotary Stage, Three-Phase Motor Compact High Precision Rotation Stage
  • Direct Drive Motor combines High Accuracy and High Speed
  • Zero Backlash, Frictionless Drive Train
  • Direct Metrology: Optical Encoder
  • Excellent Repeatability, 1µrad Incremental Motion
  • Sine/cosine or absolute encoder
  • Clear Aperture

This compact, high speed, direct-drive rotary table is equipped with a direct-drive 3-phase brushless motor and optical direct-metrology encoder (sine/cosine) for high position resolution and repeatability. The ironless motor provides excellent velocity control and smooth running without cogging effects. The lack of gears or belts in the drivetrain eliminates friction and elements that can contribute to vibration.

Direct-Drive, High Precision Rotary Tables Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions

Direct Drive Rotary Table with Piezo Motor, Ultra-Low Profile, Self-Locking, Model U-651 / M-660

  • Precision Rotary Table with Unlimited Motorized Positioning Range
  • No Gears, No Worm Wheels, No Backlash
  • Very Low Profile: 14mm
  • Max. Velocity 720 °/second
  • Self-Clamping Ceramic Direct Drive: Energy Saving & High Position Stability
  • Direct Metrology Optical Encoder, 4 µrad Resolution
  • Non-Magnetic and Vacuum-Compatible Option

The M-660 precision rotary stage employs PILine® ultrasonic piezo ceramic motors that act on a ceramic drive ring attached to the platform. This piezo direct drive principle is the basis for the compact design and low profile of the rotary stage. An integrated optical direct-metrology encoder offers closed-loop precision position control with up to 4 µrad resolution. There are no gears or mechanical parts that can contribute to backlash. The integrated ultrasonic motors provide a maximum velocity of up to 720 °/second. The maximum load is 2 kg.

PDF Brochure | Rotation Stage Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions

Rotation Stage

Direct Drive Air Bearing Rotary Table, Low-Profile, Ultra-High Accuracy, A-635, A-637

  • Friction-free bearings and motor
  • Optional absolute encoder
  • 3-phase brushless, slotless torque motor
  • 8” Inch and 12” rotary platform diameter
  • Low profile only 60 mm
  • Flatness & eccentricity <100 nanometers
  • Self-locking option with magnetic preload
  • 50kg payload

These directly driven, low-profile air bearing rotary stages provide superior angular positioning accuracy along with high velocity constancy and minimized eccentricity. The brushless and slotless motor features a very low cogging torque. These air bearing rotary stages are designed to applications such as high precision optical inspection, wafer metrology, beam line instrumentation and nanotechnology research and manufacture.

Air Bearing Rotary Tables with High Speed and High Precision: Overview Stage Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions
Low-Profile Air Bearing Rotary Stage, Ultra-High Accuracy

M-060/1/2 High Performance Rotary Table Family with Worm Gear Drive

Rotation Stages with Worm Gear Drive
  • Precision Motorized Rotary Table with Worm Gear
  • Unlimited Motorized Positioning Range, speed up to 90 deg/second
  • Ultra-High Resolution
  • Preloaded Worm Drive for Zero Backlash
  • Choice of Drive: Servo motor with integrated Driver, Stepper-Motor and Manual
  • Direction - Sensing Home Switch

M-06x series high precision rotary stages are equipped with ultra-low-friction, spring-preloaded worm gear drives allowing unlimited rotation in either direction. Models M-060 feature a 60mm diameter turntable, models M-061, a 100mm table and models M-062, a 120mm table.

PDF Brochure | Rotation Stage Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions

M-116 Mini Rotary Table for Micropositioning, with Worm Gear Drive

  • Smallest Rotary Table in the PI Product Range
  • Compatible with M110, M111 & M112 Mini Linear Positioning Stage Series
  • Unlimited Motorized Positioning Range, Speed to 20 degrees/second
  • 2.5 Micro-Radian Design Resolution, 10 Microrad Micro-Radian Reproducibility
  • Clear Aperture
  • Preloaded Anti-Backlash Worm Drive
  • Precision Home Switch

M-116 rotary stages are equipped with low-friction, spring-preloaded worm gear drives allowing unlimited rotation in either direction in an extremely compact package.

PDF Brochure | Mini Rotation Stage Specifications
Micro Rotation Stage

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