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6-Axis Stages, XY-Tables, XYZ-Stages, XYZ-Gantries,
Multi-Axis Stages for Motion Control

Multi-axis stages, such as hexapod 6-axis stages and XYZ Gantry stages are often used in for precision alignment of optics, photonics components, lasers, semiconductors, and precision mechanics. For less complex motion applications, 2-axis, 3-axis linear stages and 4 and 5-axis combinations of linear XY-tables, XYZ-stages and rotary and goniometer stages are sufficient. PI postioning stages and precision motorized 3-axis gantries and split bridge stages are designed for precision motion control applications from photonics alignment to medical design and semiconductor related test and manufacturing processes. In addition to standard single-axis, XY, XYZ and multi-axis stages with mechanical bearings. air-bearing stages and high vacuum stages are also available.
Hexapod robotic 6-axis stages combine flexibility and accuracy in a small package.

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Linear, Rotary, Multi-Axis

9-Axis Granite Bridge System with XY-Linear Motor Stage, Hexapod 6-axis stage and Z-stage on Granite bridge
9-Axis Granite Bridge Motion System with
XY-Linear Motor Stage, Hexapod 6-Axis Stage
and Z-stage.
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6-Axis Stages - Hexapods     |    2-Axis Stages, 3-Axis Stages, Multi-Axis Stages

XY, XYZ and Multi-Axis Positioning Stages

10-Axis Custom Stage for Test / Precision Manufacturing

  • 10-Axis Combination of XZY, 6-Axis Hexapod and Linear Actuatoar
  • Linear Motor Precision XY Table with Direct Drive and Linear Encoder
  • Ball Screw Z-Stage with Servo Motor and Brake
  • 6-Axis Hexapod Stage for 3-Axis Linear, Rotary and Tip/Tilt Motion
  • High Performance Voice Coil Actuator with Position and Force Control
  • High Performance Motion Controller w/Ethercat Interface

This high performance 10-axis stage for test and metrology, in high precision industrial automation is an example of PI's custom motion control systems design capabilities.

10 Axis Stage and other Multi-Axis Systems for Automation: Specifications and more Information
10-Axis Stage, Multi-Axis Positioning Table

Motorized XYZ-Gantry Stage
More information on Motorized XYZ-Gantry Stages with High Precision

Motorized XYZ Gantry - Precision
3-Axis Gantry Stages

  • Custom and Standard High Precision XYZ Gantry Stages
  • High Speed and Repeatibility with Direct Drive Linear Motors
  • High Load Capacity
  • Closed-Loop Feedback with Nanometer Resolution
  • Air Bearings or Mechanical Bearings

PI provides custom precision Gantry Stages for automation, inspection and 3D printing systems

Custom 3-Axis Linear Stage, tuned, error correction
Read article on Custom 3-Axis Motorized XYZ-Linear Stages - Tuned and Assembled

Motorized Custom Tuned XYZ Linear Stages

  • Precision Aligned
  • Error Corrected
  • Absolute Encoders
  • High Performance Controller
  • Laser Interferometer Tested

Video: Motorized Precision Gantry Stage for Additive Manufacturing for 3-Axis Precision Motion, Direct-Drive Linear Motors

Video: Compact 3-Axis Linear Stage with Air Bearings, Nanometer Resolution, for Photonics Alignment, Sample Scanning, Precision Assembly - High Duty Cycle, Zero Maintenance, Wear-Free

Video: 5-Axis Precision Positioning Stage with Air Bearings, for Semiconductor Processing based on a planar X-Y Air Bearing Table and a 3-Axis, Z-Tip/Tilt (Z / Theta-X / Theta-Y) Air Bearing Table.

Integrated XY-Tables. Linear Motors and Ball-Screw Options

  • XY-Translation Stage Family
  • 100mm, 200mm, 300mm Travel
  • Aperture Option
  • High Speed version with Fast Linear Motors
  • High Force Option with Ball-Screw Drives
  • Linear Encoders for Nanometer Resolution
  • High Performance ACS Motion Controllers for High Velocity Constancy and Path control

These two axis XY-tables are available with aperture, with linear motors or ball-screw drives, and are designed for high precision industrial automation.

XY-Linar Tables - more information
XY-Table with Linear Motors and Aperture, 2-Axis XY Stage

5-Axis Granite Stage - Split Bridge Design

  • Granite Based Multi-Axis Motion System
  • XY-Table with Linear Motors
  • 2-Axis Goniometers
  • Z-Axis Stage mounted on Granite Bridge
  • 6-Axis Motion Controller

Granite-based stage designs provide high stability and precision. PI can quickly provide design concepts for gantry-type Cartesian robot designs and split bridge granite motion systems. Stages with mechanical bearings and air bearings are available for integration.

Learn more about Granite Stage Capabilities

5-Axis Granite-Split-Bridge-System with XY-Table with Linear Motors, 2-Axis Goiniometer and Z-Axis Stage

U-751/ M-686 XY-Table with Precision Piezo Linear Motors & Linear Encoders

  • Low Profile Precision XY Positioning Table with large Aperture and Piezo Motor Drive
  • 25x25mm (1 inch) " Motorized XY Range
  • Self Locking Ceramic Linear Motor for Ultra-High Stability
  • Fast: Speed to 100mm/second
  • High Precision Linear Encoders: 0.1 µm Resolution
  • Large Aperture, Low Profile, Small 150x150mm Footprint
  • Compatible with PI Piezo Nanopositioning / Scanning Stages

These open-frame micro-positioning XY-stages (XY-tables) are designed for life-science and microscopy applications. If nanometer precision is required, a piezo flexure stage can be mounted on top.

PDF Brochure | XY-Stage Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions

OEM Integrated XY-Table for Micropositioning and Scanning

OEM Planar Scanner
  • XY-Table for Precision Positioning with High Load Capacity to 66kg
  • High Resolution Linear Encoder
  • Self-Locking
  • Direct Drive, with Servo or Stepper Motors
  • For Optics and Interferometry applications

Fast XY positioning table with precision guiding system: the M-900KOPS planar scanner was developed for OEM applications / white light interferometetry

PDF Brochure | XY-Tables Specifications

M-880 XY-Theta 3-DOF Planar Precision Micropositioning Positioning Stage Concept

  • XY-Theta-Z Parallel Kinematics Stage with Special Controller
  • 20x20mm x 8° Motorized Positioning Range
  • Handles 150kg Static Load
  • Servo Motors with Integrated Driver
  • Large Aperture

PDF Brochure | XY-Theta Stages, XY-Tables

3-Axis Planar Precision Positioning System

Precision XY-Table for High-Resolution Microscopes

XY Piezo Linear Motor Table
  • High Precision 2-Axis Micropositioning Stage
  • Integrated Closed-Loop Ceramic Linear Motors Combine High Speed to 150 mm/secec and Smooth Motion
  • Significantly Higher Stability than Conventional Leadscrew-Driven Stages: Self-Locking at Rest, no Servo Dither
  • Travel Ranges to 225x85mm
  • Integrated Linear Encoders, Sensor Resolution to 0.1 ?m
  • Compact Design, Low Profile, Mounts Directly to Microscope
  • Compatible with Piezo-Z and Piezo XYZ Scanning Stages

PI XY-tables / microscope stages are designed for excellent thermal and positional stability. PILine® piezomotor-driven stages excel in precision positioning and automation applications. The low profile height makes integration easy and a choice of mechanically compatible high-resolution PI piezo nanopositioning / scanning stages adds to the versatility.

PDF Brochure | XY-Stages for Microscopy Information

M-545 XY-Table for Microscopy: Manual & Motorized

  • Stable Platform for Piezo Nanopositioning Scanning Systems
  • 30mm Profile for Easy Integration:
  • Positioning Range 25mm x 25mm
  • Micrometer-Driven, Motor Option Available
  • For Nikon, Zeiss, Leica and Olympus Microscopes

This XY micropositioning stage is designed to provide a stable platform for PInano® piezo nanopositioning and scanning stages as well as other PI nanopositioning stages

PDF Brochure | XY-Stage for Microscopy Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions
Open Frame Microscope Stage

Multi-Axis Precision Positioning Sub-Systems

Goniometer Precision Positioner
  • Selection of Sub-Systems for Automation
  • XY, XYZ, Multi-Axis Motion
  • Accuracy down to Nanometers
  • Linear Motors and Brushless Servo Motors
  • Serial and Parallel Kinematic Designs

A variety of multi-axis sub-systems is available to solve precision motion and automation needs.

Multi-Axis Subsystems overview

XYZ Stage for Photonics Alignment

  • Precision Positioning XYZ Stage for Photonics Alignment Applications
  • 15mm Coarse Motorized Positioning Range
  • 100 µm Piezo Range for high speed & Nanometer Resolution
  • Closed-Loop Option When Absolute Position Information is Required
  • Optional Stepper- & Servo Motors

The F-131 3-Axis stage is a compact computer-controllable XYZ precision positioning / nanopositioning system for precision alignment application such as fibers / optical components. The coarse positioners provide 50 nanometers resolution, enough to find first light and the piezo fine drives provide 1 nanometer and very fast response for quick scanning. Watch youtube video at http://www.youtube.com/v/mwQlxUDvAgI

PDF Brochure | XYZ Stage Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions
Compact XYZ Photonics Alignment System

N-510 3-Axis Z/Tip/Tilt Platform, Ultra-High Precision for High Loads

High Force Z/Tip/Tilt Platform
  • Precision Alignment in Optics, Astronomy and Semiconductor Applications
  • Self-Locking Piezoceramic Motor Design, Ultra-High Stability, with no Heat Generation
  • Ceramic Drive allows Vacuum Compatible and Non-Magnetic Versions
  • Sub-Nanometer Resolution
  • Compact Tripod Parallel-Kinematic Drive

PDF Brochure | Z-Tip/Tilt Platform Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions

H-810 Miniature 6-Axis Stage - 6-DOF Motorized Hexapod Platform

Miniature Hexapod
  • Most-Compact Precision 6-Axis Stage Hexapod Platform
  • Actuator Resolution 40 nanometers
  • Motorized Positioning Ranges 40x40x13mm, Rotation to 60 Degrees
  • Load Capacity to 5 kg
  • Min. Incremental Motion to 200 nm Reproducibility to ±0.5 Microns
  • Velocity to 10mm/second
  • Vacuum Option
  • Sophisticated Controller Using Vector Algorithms

This miniaturized precision 6-DOF hexapod platform is currently PI's smallest standard 6-axis micropositioning system to date (smaller custom systems are available). As all PI hexapod platforms it allows the user to change the center of rotation (pivot point) anywhere inside or outside the system envelope.

PDF Brochure | 6-Axis Stage Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions

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H-811 6-Axis Stage - Vacuum-Compatible Miniature Hexapod 6-DOF Positioner; High Precision and Very Versatile

  • Vacuum-Compatible Miniature 6-DOF Stage Hexapod
  • Complete with Specialized Hexapod Controller and Software
  • Travel Ranges 34 x 32 x 13 mm, Rotation to 42 Degrees
  • Load Capacity to 5 kg
  • Actuator Resolution 40 nm
  • Min. Incremental Motion to 200 nm
  • Repeatability up to ±0.2 µm
  • Velocity to 10 mm/sec

PDF Brochure | 6-Axis Stage Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions Vacuum Compatible Miniature Hexapod

H-824 6-Axis Stage - Compact 6-DOF Hexapod Platform

Six-Axis Parallel Kinematics Microrobot
  • 6-axis stage with Nanometer Resolution Actuators
  • Arbitrary Center of Rotation
  • Vacuum Option
  • Load Capacity 10 kg
  • Motorized Positioning Range to 45mm (linear), 25° (rotation)
  • 300 Nanometer Min. Incremental Motion ±0.5 Micron Reproducibility
  • Self Locking to 10 kg
  • Sophisticated Controller Using Vector Algorithms

This hexapod 6-dof platform combines compact dimensions with high accuracy and load capacity. A vacuum version is available.

PDF Brochure | 6-Axis Stage Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions

H-850 6-Axis Stage - High Load 6-DOF Platform - Parallel Kinematics

  • Up to 250kg Load Capacity
  • Actuator Resolution to 0.005 Microns
  • Arbitrary Center of Rotation (Pivot Point)
  • Works in Any Orientation
  • No Moving Cables = Higher Reliability & Precision
  • Heavy-Duty, Ultra-High-Resolution Bearings for 24/7 Applications
  • Reproducibility to ±1 Micron
  • Smaller & Stiffer Package than Conventional Multi-Axis Positioners
  • Vacuum-Option
  • Sophisticated Controller Using Vector Algorithms
  • 20000 h MTBF

The H-850 is the ideal micropositioning system for all complex positioning tasks which depend upon high load capacity and high accuracy in six independent axes. Extremely stiff & accurate components provide an very high natural frequency of 500 Hz with a 10 kg load. As all PI hexapod platforms it allows the user to change the center of rotation (pivot point) anywhere inside or outside the system envelope.

Several models with brushless and standard motors are available to cover different velocity and load ranges.

PDF Brochure | 6-Axis Stage Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions Six Axis Parallel Kinematics Microrobot

H-840 Fast Six Axis Stage - Parallel Kinematics 6-DOF Hexapod Platform

M-840 HexaLight
  • 6-Axis Motion Stage
  • Actuator Resolution to 0.016 Micron
  • Rapid Response
  • Motorized Positioning Ranges to 100mm/ 60°
  • No Moving Cables = Higher Reliability and Precision
  • Self-Locking Option to 30kg Load
  • Fast Direct-Drive Option to 50mm/second
  • Vacuum-Option
  • Arbitrary Center of Rotation (Pivot Point)
  • Sophisticated Controller Using Vector Algorithms
  • 20000 h MTBF

The H-840 is a high-accuracy, mid-size, 6-DOF hexapod micro-positioning system for all complex positioning tasks which rely on high accuracy and speed in six independent axes. In addition to positioning all axes, it allows the user to define the center of rotation (pivot point) anywhere inside or outside the system envelope by one simple software command.

PDF Brochure | 6-Axis Stage Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions

H-206 6-Axis Stage for Precision 6-DOF Alignment, 6-Axis Manipulator

  • 6-DOF Parallel Kinematics Manipulator
  • Constant-Length Strut Design w/ Friction-Free Flexure Guides
  • 33 Nanometers Actuator Resolution
  • Reproducibility 0.3 Micron in Space
  • No Moving Cables = Improved Reliability & Reduced Friction
  • Better Dynamics, More Compact than Serial Kinematics Systems
  • For Scanning and Alignment
  • Cartesian Coordinate Control with Virtualized Pivot Point.
  • Powerful Digital Controller with Open Source LabView™ Drivers, DLL Libraries...
  • Integrated Fiber Alignment Routines

This compact 6-DOF Hexapod platform is a highly accurate micro- positioning system for complex multi-axis alignment tasks. It is based on PI"s long experience with ultra-high-resolution, parallel kinematics stages. The use of constant-length struts w/ backlash & friction-free flexure guides (as opposed to variable-length struts) gives the F-206 even higher precision than other hexapod designs.

PDF Brochure | 6-Axis Stage Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions


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