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Miniature Linear Stage - Precision, Motorized, Low-Cost Options

A minaiture precision positioning stage is a mechanical device used for computer controlled test or assembly of small mechanical or optical components. PI miniature stages are designed for precision motion control applications such as bio/nanotechnology, photonics alignment, medical engineering and semiconductor related test and manufacturing processes.

In addition to standard positioners, vacuum and UHV compatible stages are available.

Piezo driven linear slides are smaller and faster than most conventional motorized stages.

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Mini Positioners

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Fast Miniature Linear Stage / Micropositioning Slide with Linear Encoder, 1 Inch Travel

Precision Positioning Table
  • Miniature Motorized Precision Positoining Table with 25mm Positioning Range (1")
  • 0.1 m Optical Linear Encoder for Very High Accuracy & Reproducibility
  • Min. Incremental Motion to 0.2 m
  • Max. Velocity 20mm/second
  • Cross-Roll Bearings
  • Recirculating Ball Screw Drives Provide High Speeds & Long Lifetimes

The M-122 miniature stage combines small dimensions, very high accuracy and high speed at a competitive price. With their linear encoder and backlash-free ball-screw, these precision positioning linear slides can provide higher accuracy and better reproducibility than open loop stepper motors or servo motor stages with rotary encoders.

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Small, High-Resolution Motorized Precision Positioning Stage: 5, 15 & 25mm

  • Compact & High Precision Motorized Positoining Table
  • Very Cost Effective
  • Min. Incremental Motion to 50 nm
  • Max. Velocity 2mm/second
  • Closed-Loop Servo Motors or Stepper Motors
  • Limit & Home Switches
  • Ball Screw Option for High Speeds & Long Lifetimes
  • Vacuum-Option to 10-6 hPa

The M-110, M-111 and M-112 series of ultra-high resolution linear translation stages provide 5, 15 and 25mm positioning range in a very small package. High precision leadscrews with sub-micron resolution and linear ball bearings guarantee better than 0.5 microns straightness.

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High Resolution Motorized Precision Positioner

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Sub-Miniature Linear Stage and Rotary Stage with Stick-Slip Inertia Motor, Q-Motion Series

Miniature Linear Stage with Qmotion Motor
  • Family of Ultra-Compact Linear and Rotary Stages
  • Travel Range 6-32 mm, Many different Models
  • Self Locking at Rest, no Heat Generation, no Servo Dither
  • Very Compact Design: from 21mm wide
  • Low-Cost Inertia Piezo Motor Ideal for Micro- and Nano-Manipulation
  • Linear Encoder Options for Resolution down to 1 Nanometer

Qmotion Product Family Overview with Specs and Data

Miniature Piezo-Walk Motor Linear Positioner, 0.5 Nanometer Precision, Model N-664/N-565

Miniature Precision Linear Stage
  • Linear Positioning Range 30mm (1.2")
  • 1/2 Nanometer Resolution (Linear Encoder)
  • Piezo-Walk-Motor Driven
  • To 10 mm/sec Fast

These high accuracy miniature linear stages are equipped with PI's unique PiezoWalk linear motors and special sub-nanometer resolution linear encoders.

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Sub-Miniature Piezo-Motorized Linear Precision Positioning Table, Model M-663/U-521

multi axis miniature stages
Also available as an XY stage configuration
  • Compact Closed-Loop Micropositioning Stage with Linear Encoder and Linear Piezo Motor
  • Precise: 0.1 Micron Linear Encoder
  • Fast: to 200mm/second 5g Acceleration
  • Ceramic Motor with AutoLock
  • XY Table Combinations
  • Vacuum Option
  • 18mm Motorized Positioning Range
  • Self Locking Ceramic Linear Motor for Ultra-High Stability

The M-663 high-precision linear positioning table for micro-positioning applications is driven by an ultrasonic ceramic motor. It provides acceleration to 5g's and velocity to 200mm/second and autolocking feature for excellent in position stability, all unique features for a positioner that small.

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Miniautre Linear Stage, Piezo Motor-Driven, Q-545, 25mm Travel

  • High Resolution Miniatur eLinear Stage 1 nanometer Encoder Resolution
  • Closed-Loop Piezo Linear Motor
  • 1/2" and 1" Motorized Positioning Range
  • Ultra-Low Profile: 15mm
  • Precise: 1 Nanometer Resolution Sensor
  • Crossed Roller Bearings for Extra High Guiding Accuracy
  • Compact XY and XYZ Table Combinations
  • Self Locking Ceramic Linear Motor for Ultra-High Stability

These miniature lineear stages, are based on a compact high precision piezo linear motor. It provides forces to 10N and 10mm/second velocity with autolocking for excellent in position stability, all unique features for a positioner that small. The ultra low profile of 15mm is another advantage.

Miniature Stage Specs & Drawings, Technical Info
Miniature Linear Slide

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