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Motorized Precision Positioning: Linear Stages / Systems

Motorized Linear stages and vertical postioning stages from PI are designed for precision motion control applications from photonics alignment to medical design and semiconductor related test and manufacturing processes. In addition to standard positioners, high vacuum compatible stages are available.

Piezo driven linear slides are smaller and faster than most conventional motorized stages.

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Linear, Rotary, Multi-Axis

Video: Direct Drive Linear Translation Stages for Industrial Automation

Video: A 3-Axis Linear Stage Version of the A-142 Air Bearing Linear Slide, ideal for fast Multi-Axis Scanning and Alignment.

Vertical Stages & Linear Stages

M-501 Vertical Micro-Positioning System (Z-Stage)

M-501 Vertical  Micro positioning Stage
M-531 Positioning Table
XYZ combination of M-521.DD (204 mm),
M-511.DD (102 mm)
and M-501.1PD vertical stage
  • 1/2" Positioning Range (12.5mm)
  • Closed-Loop Servo Motor with Integrated Driver & Ultra-High-Resolution Encoder
  • Backlash-Free Recirculating Ballscrews
  • Limit & Home Switches
  • >20,000 Hours MTBF
  • More Elevation Stages
    Vertical Stage Brochure from PI miCos

This vertical precision positioning table is designed fit the M-511 / M-521 / M-531 low-profile family of linear stages for micro-positioning applications. M-501 vertical stages feature a precision-machined base of high-stability, stress-relieved aluminum. Precision-ground recirculating ballscrews provide maintenance-free and backlash-free positioning.

PDF Brochure | Vertical Stage Specifications, Drawings

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Ultra-High-Precision Vertical Stage Platform / Positionng Table for Micropositioning Applications

  • 1/2" Positioning Range (13mm)
  • High Load Capacity (20kg), High Stiffness
  • <0.05Ám Minimum Incremental Motion (High Resolution Encoders)
  • Closed-Loop Servo Motor and Stepper Motor Option
  • Self-Locking at Rest

This vertical linear micro-positioning table is designed for high-load Z-positioning tasks. It features a precision-machined base of high-stability, stress-relieved aluminum. High accuracy-cross-roller guided wedges are self locking and low-friction screw drive provide maintenance-free positioning.

Ultra High Precision Vertical Linear Stage: Specifications, Drawings

High Load Vertical Linear Micropositioning Stage

Compact Vertical Linear Stages for High Precision Applications

Compact Vertical Linear Z-Stage
  • Compact and Precise Vertical Micropositioning Stage
  • 5 Nanometer Linear Encoder Resolution
  • High Holding Forces with Minimum Power Consumption, without Counterbalancing the Load
  • Combines with Compact Linear Stages to XZ-Stage or XY-Z Ztage Assemblies

These compact vertical precision positioning platform allows 360 degree access to the load. It is compact, precise and can handle 2kg with 100 nanometer minimum incremental motion precision over 13mm (1/2 inch) in vertical direction. It combines with the N-565 linear stage to provide X-Z or XYZ motion. Minimum power consumption, without counterbalancing the load.

Vertical Linear Stage Platform Online Specs, Drawings

More Vertical / Elevation Stages from PI miCos

Linear Translation Stages

Low Profile Piezo Motor Liner Stage w/ Linear Encoder

Piezo   Positioner Compact Closed-Loop Translation Stage
  • Compoact Linear Positioner wiht Piezo Motor
  • XY Combinations
  • 1nm Resolution, Optical Linear Encoder
  • 1/2 and 1" Positioning Range
  • Crossed Roller Bearings improve Guiding Precision
  • Self-Clamping Linear Ceramic Motor

These compact linear stages are equipped with a piezo inertia linear motor and a high resolution linear encoder. Crossed-roller bearings provide high guiding precision. A vacuum option is available.

Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions

M-686 / U-751 XY Precision Positioning Stage with Piezo Linear Motors & Linear Encoders

  • Low Profile XY Positioning Table with large Aperture and Piezo Motor Drive
  • 1"x1" Motorized Range
  • Self Locking Ceramic Linear Motor for Ultra-High Stability
  • Fast: Speed to 100mm/second
  • High Accuracy Linear Encoders: 0.1 Ám Resolution
  • Large Aperture, Low Profile, Small 150x150mm Footprint
  • Compatible with PI Piezo Nanopositioning / Scanning Stages

These XY, open-frame micro- positioning stages are designed for life-science and microscopy applications. If nanometer precision is required, a piezo flexure stage can be mounted on top.

PDF Brochure | Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions
 XY Positioning Table

M-126 High Resolution Positioning Table with Crossed Roller Bearings: 1" Travel

Positioning Translation Stages with Crossed Roller Bearings
  • Compact Positioning Table with High Precision Crossed Roller Bearings
  • 25mm Positioning Range
  • 5 Motorized Versions + Manual
  • Better than 100 Nanometer Resolution
  • Multi-Axis Combinations
  • Limit & Home Switches with Direction-Sensing

The M-126 micro- positioning system is available with precision leadscrew and ballscrew drives for resolution to 100 nanometers and below with excellent reproducibility. Crossed roller bearings provide 2 Ám straightness of travel and better.

5 closed-loop servo motor and stepper motor versions are available.

PDF Brochure | Compact Linar Stages: Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions

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M-403/4 M-413/4 Cost-Effective Industrial Linear Positioning Table / Micropositioning Slide

  • Modular Positoning System, 4 Families, Many Options, Stepper and Servo Motor Drives
  • Precision Leadscrews or Ball Screws
  • 25 to 300mm Positioning Ranges
  • Stress-Relieved 80mm or 120mm Al Base
  • High Resolution to 0.02 Ám

The M-403 / M-404 and M-414 / M-414 positioning stage families are low cost, yet high precision translation stages for loads up to 50 kg over Positioning Ranges to 300mm. They are designed with high-value components and feature a precision-machined, high-density, stress-relieved aluminum base for exceptional stability with minimum weight.

PDF Brochure

Specifications, Drawings M-413 / M-414 (higher accuracy version)
Specifications, Drawings M-403 / M-404 (lower cost version)

  High Resolution Linear Stage

L-509 Series High-Resolution Positioning Stages

 Positioning High-Precision Linear Slide
  • Special Low-Friction Leadscrews for Very High Resolution & Reproducibility
  • 26 to 102mm Positioning Range
  • Precision Bearings & Stress-Relieved Aluminum Stage Base for Highest Stability
  • Servo & Stepper-Motor Options + Manual
  • Manual Knob for Convenient Pre-Positioning
  • Limit & Home Switches with Direction-Sensing

These ultra-high resolution leadscrew-driven positioning stages are available with positioning ranges of 26mm, 52mm, 102mm. High stiffness bearings guarantee excellent straightness of travel. The stage base is precision machined from high-density, stress-relieved aluminum for exceptional stability and minimum weight.

PDF Brochure | Linear Stage Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions

High-Accuracy Linear Positioning Stage with Linear Encoder & Bellows

  • High Precision Positioning Table featuring Linear-Scale Encoder for Highest Accuracy
  • 1" - 8" Positioning Ranges
  • Dust Protection
  • Velocity to 100mm/second.
  • Closed-Loop Servo Motors and Stepper Motors
  • Limit & Home Switches with Direction-Sensing
  • 35kg Load Capacity

These linear translation stages are designed to meet the most demanding positioning requirements in applications. Bellows protect the ball screw and linear encoder from dusty.

PDF Brochure | Linear Stage Specifications, Drawings
M605   Positioning stage Ultra Compact
Presion Linear Stage
More XYZ Stages

L-511 Ballscrew-Driven Low Profile Linear Positioning Table

 Positioning Low Profile Translation Stage
  • High Precision Positioning Table Driven by Backlash-Free Precision Ballscrews
  • Fast: Velocity up to 50mm/second.
  • Positioning Range to 150mm (6 inches)
  • Closed-Loop Servo Motor with Integrated Driver
  • Stress-Relieved Aluminum Stage Base for Highest Stability
  • Limit & Home Switches with Direction-Sensing
  • High Load Capacity
  • > 20,000 Hours MTBF

These high-load, low-profile positioning tables feature a precision-machined base of high-density, stress-relieved aluminum for exceptional stability and minimum weight. Precision-ground (better accuracy than rolled) ballscrews provide, backlash-free, low-friction and maintenance-free service.

Specifications, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions

M-500 High-Load Linear Table with Ballscrew Drive

  • Driven by Backlash-Free Precision Ballscrews
  • High Load Capacity 100 kg
  • 4", 8" and 12" Positioning Range (102, 204 and 306mm)
  • Fast: To 125mm/second
  • Closed-Loop Servo Motor with Integrated Driver
  • Linear Encoders Option for Highest Accuracy
  • Backlash-Free Ballscrews
  • Limit & Home Switches with Direction-Sensing
  • >20000 Hours MTBF

M-500-series precision linear tables meet the most demanding positioning requirements. Despite a stiff basis with very high load capacity they are compact and light-weight an advantage when building multiaxis combinations.

PDF Brochure | Linear Stage Specs, Drawings, Answers to Technical Questions

 Positioning Low-Profile

High-Load Translation Stage
M-500 XY Linear Positioning Stage

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Multi-Axis Tables

XY Micro Positioning Table for High-Resolution Microscopes

XY Piezo Linear Motor Table
  • Integrated Closed-Loop Ceramic Linear Motors Combine High Speed to 150 mm/secec and Smooth Motion
  • Significantly Higher Stability than Conventional Leadscrew-Driven Stages: Self-Locking at Rest, no Servo Dither
  • Travel Ranges to 225x85mm
  • Integrated Linear Encoders, Sensor Resolution to 0.1 ?m
  • Compact Design, Low Profile, Mounts Directly to Microscope
  • Compatible with Piezo-Z and Piezo XYZ Scanning Stages

PI XY microscope tables are designed for excellent thermal and positional stability. PILine« piezomotor-driven stages excel in precision positioning and automation applications. The low profile height makes integration easy and a choice of mechanically compatible high-resolution PI piezo nanopositioning / scanning stages adds to the versatility.

PDF Brochure | High Speed, Low Profile XY Microscope Stage: Specifications, Drawings

M-545 XY Microscope Micro Positioning Table: Manual & Motorized

  • Stable Platform for Piezo Nanopositioning Scanning Systems
  • 30mm Profile for Easy Integration:
  • Positioning Range 25mm x 25mm
  • Micrometer-Driven, Motor Option Available
  • For Nikon, Zeiss, Leica and Olympus Microscopes

This XY micro positioning stage is designed to provide a stable platform for PInano« piezo nanopositioning and scanning stages as well as other PI nanopositioning stages

PDF Brochure | XY-Stage Specifications, Drawings
Open Frame Microscope Stage

OEM Planar XY Micropositioning Scanner System

OEM Planar Scanner
  • XY Precision Positioning Table with High Load Capacity to 66kg
  • Velocity to 10 mm/second
  • 100 Nanometer Resolution Linear Encoder
  • Self-Locking
  • Direct Drive, with Servo or Stepper Motors
  • For Optics and Interferometry applications

Fast XY positioning table with precision guiding system: the M-900KOPS planar scanner was developed for OEM applications / white light interferometetry

PDF Brochure | OEM and Custom Stages Overview

3-DOF XY-Theta Micropositioning Stages

  • XY-Theta-Z Stages with High Performance Controllers
  • Variety of Travel Ranges and Load Capacities
  • Air Bearing and Mechanical Bearing XY-Theta Stages
  • 3-Phase Servo Motors, State-of-The-Art Low Noise Drivers

PDF Brochure | 3-DOF-Stages / XY-Theta Stages Overview, Specifications, Drawings

3-Axis Planar  Positioning System

Coarse/Fine XYZ Photonics Alignment System

  • XYZ Positioning Table for Photonics Alignment Applications
  • 15mm Coarse Positioning Range
  • 100Ám Piezo Nanopositioning Range for high speed & Nanometer Resolution
  • Closed-Loop Option When Absolute Position Information is Required
  • Optional Stepper- & Servo Motors

F-130 & F-131 are compact computer-controllable 3-Axis nanopositioning systems for precision alignment application such as data-communication, fibers / optical components. The coarse positioners provide 50 nanometers resolution, enough to find first light and the piezo fine drives provide 1 nanometer and very fast response for quick scanning. Watch youtube video at

PDF Brochure | XYZ Stage Specifications, Drawings
Compact XYZ Photonics Alignment System

Small Crossed-Roller Guided Linear Tables with Piezo Option XY and XYZ Assemblies

Linear Slide
  • XY & XYZ Precision Linear Table Assemblies
  • 18 mm Positioning Range
  • Robust Stainless-Steel Design
  • PiezoMike Option provides 10 Nanometer Resolution
  • Servo & Stepper Motor Options with 0.1 Micron Resolution

M-105 and M-106 linear slides are spring-preloaded, cross-roller bearing guided stages available in 1, 2 & 3 -axis configurations. Motor-Mike upgrades and piezo options are available for ultra-precise positioning tasks.

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