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Micropositioners - Motorized Precision Positioning Stages: Linear, Rotary Stages, Actuators, Hexapods, Nanopositioning

PI is a leading manufacturer of micropositioners - ultra-precision micropositioning stages for OEM and research - and offers a large range of motorized and piezoelectric motion control technologies including Nanopositioning devices and systems. Our expertise spans from miniature actuators to hybrid servo & piezo-driven linear stages and 6-D parallel kinematics micropositioning systems.

All linear and rotary positioners can be arranged to multi-axis combinations and many can be fitted with optional piezo drives with better than 1 nm resolution.

Our new compact piezo motor linear positioners and piezo motor actuators are the smallest, fastest and most powerful on the market. PI is also the global leader in parallel kinematics multi-axis precision positioners and offers a large selection of hexapods and SpaceFAB 6-axis positioners.

A new line of Air Bearing Tables, and motorized XY / XYZ Gantry stages is also available as well as custom engineered solutions and
vacuum and UHV positioning stages.

Miniaturized Micropositioners
mini positioners
Piezoelectric Micropositioners
Linear Motors Stages
Micropositioning Actuators Actuators
XY, XZY, 6-Axis Micropositioners
Vertical and Linear Stages
Linear Positioning Stages, Vertical Positioners
Rotation Stages
Rotary Tables for Micropositioning

Motion Controllers and Drives

Nanopositioners and Flexure Stages


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